Design and Marketing
by OPS


Adaptable Web Design

We create new websites, or we transform old ones, in order to adapt them to any type of browser or device. Our websites allow several users to create and change the content.


Business Intelligence

Based on a profile, we may create consumer clusters, based on any criteria. In order to be able to do this as efficiently as possible, we created Ceres, a Business Intelligence solution.


We can create banners for your online store, or we may customize the banners you have already made, by changing the text, images and design.

E-mail kit and automated marketing processes

In order to keep always in touch with your customers, we will create an email kit, bringing the addresses onto your website. We take care to answer in due time each email, to proceed to follow-up, cross and up-sell.

Do you need a customized solution?

Send us your email or phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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