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Connection to your online store

We connect directly to your online store*, in order to receive the orders that should be shipped. We can do this regardless of the software platform you're using. We are already connected to the most popular platforms:
  • ✓ Shopify
  • ✓ PrestaShop
  • ✓ WordPress / WooCommerce
  • ✓ Magento
  • ✓ OpenCart
  • ✓ FamShop
  • ✓ Gomag
  • ✓ eMAG
  • ✓ MerchantPro
* If you do not have an online store yet, we can help.

Real time inventory

The product stock and reports on stock movements are permanently accessible, in real time, through a web application. By its Stock Management applications, OPS procures the capacity to monitor, plan, control, optimize and estimate the product stock.
Connected storage

Storage connected to the fulfillment process

The fulfillment area is adjacent to the storage area. Thus, we integrate product handling and packing and the order processing for your online store.

Order confirmation by phone

Cash on delivery is a source of losses due to cancellations and incorrect orders. We reduce loss by confirming the orders and checking the addresses, in order to make sure they are valid.
Print and tag

Automatic printing of delivery and invoicing information

We automatically attach to the parcel all the documents required for shipment and delivery. For printing any type of document, we can use any artwork or template you wish.

Pack and ship

Packing and shipment

For delivery, we can create parcel sets in any combination of products required. The collecting and packing process is fluid and fast and coordinated through automated processes.
Returns management

Returns, refunds and recovery of lost orderse

In the case of returned orders, products are removed from package, checked, sorted and stored again.

Refunds involve, besides transferring money to customers, the recovery of products - if it is possible. Products in good condition are stored, while the faulty ones are discarded, according to the type of waste.

Regardless the shipping operator, we search for the lost parcels until the loss value is recovered.


Customer support service

This service is the mode in which your company identifies and meets the needs of your consumers. OPS provides you various customer support services: by email, live chat, social networks or by phone.

Benefits of outsourcing e-Fulfillment to OPS:

  • You gain more time for the core responsibilities that are so important to the visibility and longevity of your business.
  • A more efficient budget. Operational, logistical and storage costs decrease considerably compared to those you have on your own.
  • Advantageous packages if you also request for Customer Support services.
  • Through the OPS application you have real-time access to your stocks, orders and deliveries.
  • You eliminate the staffing worries.
  • You quickly and securely manage your customers' orders and requirements.
  • You can sell both in your online store and on various marketplaces.
  • Greater flexibility in changing needs / expanding into external markets.

Do you need a customized solution?

Send us your phone or email address and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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