Call Center & Customer Support
by OPS

Inbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

For received calls OPS can provide:

  • customer service
  • order processing, Cross Selling and UpSelling

OPS improves each caller’s experience through:
ACD = Automated smart and efficient queue distribution
IVR = Help accessed through a set of self-service options
CTI = Computer Telephony Integration to handle of a large number of incoming calls

Outbound Call Center

Outbound Call Center

For all calls we make OPS can manage:

  • lead generation telesales and marketing research
  • survey and feedback
  • data enhancement

OPS helps you to obtain better productivity and ROI by using:

  • predictive dialers - begin making new calls before an agent is available, assuming that it will have a customer ready as the agent is ending another call.
  • progressive dialers - minimize wasted time between calls by automatically dialing a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available.
  • power dialers - dial a contact number instantly after a call is finished.
  • TCPA applies to the use of auto-dialers, artificial voice messages, and telemarketing calls, and contains do-not-call list procedures and opt-in/opt-out mechanisms

Social media support

Social media support

Social media helps engage your customers. OPS can fulfill for you:

  • real-time responses
  • community forum leverage

Engagement is extremely important in terms of building and / or maintaining a brand’s identity because enhances:

  • client satisfaction through real-time responses
  • customer loyalty
  • positive brand awareness

Live chat support

Live chat support

OPS believes in human interaction. It can provide for you:

  • live customer surveys
  • live customer responses
  • detailed information about issues reported by your client

Human interaction helps your brand to:

  • discover customer pain points
  • improve customer service and loyalty get competitive advantages when others use chat bots
  • be perceived as an approachable and friendly brand

Email support

Email support

In terms of email support OPS can manage for you:

  • customer surveys
  • customer responses
  • data enhancement

Email support is important because answering to your client’s email makes you a brand:

  • trustworthy
  • accessible
  • willing to fulfill client’s need (approachable)
  • willing to take the time to know them and interact with them (friendly)

Benefits of outsourcing customer support to OPS

Benefits of outsourcing customer support to OPS:

  • focus on core responsibilities
  • eliminate staffing issues
  • easily handle overflow call volume
  • cost-effective
  • flexibility to changing needs / to expand to foreign markets
  • work with experts
  • improve efficiency and productivity

Want to be trustworthy, accessible and friendly with your client?

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