Starting at 1 Euro / parcel

Full services of reception, storage and parcels making for your customers

The costs are applicable for maximum 5 products/parcel and maximum 5 kg/parcel.


But the track followed by your product from the online store

to the consumers is longer than you envisage.

We are taking care of all these e-fulfillment processes plus the auxiliary ones,

so that you can be sure that the products reach their due destination and that your customers would be always content.

Upon receiving your goods, we control the integrity of products, and we check whether they are consistent with the quantity and assortment mentioned in the delivery document.
The pallets of goods are appropriately stored in our specially designed areas. You have always access to your stock, and you may track it online, whenever you wish so
We pick the appropriate products from your stock, and we prepare the components of the orders received from the customer. We automatically check the delivery dates; then, we print the invoice, the label on the parcel, the delivery note or AWB and the other accompanying documents
We ascertain that each delivery is confirmed, and that all the details are checked. Everything should be done fast and efficiently, and your customers should be always content.
We provide a phone number to your buyers. Our operator may advise your customers of the characteristics of products, of promotions, or of any information you wish they know
The large number of parcels, the complexity of orders and the flexibility your business requires are several issues that indicate us that you need an experienced person that is dedicated to your business

Send us your phone or email address and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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