Software Development
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Software programming

Software programming

Our team of programmers can code the entire digital track of your business. Moreover, we will take care of strategy, analysis, design, development and implementation, testing and maintenance.
Database management

Database management, connection to CRM platforms and Fulfillment

We provide full services of database development and management: design, integration, maintenance, security and hosting. You will have full access to your database and to processes it is used for, with the help of a CRM – everything will be in just one place.

Payment platforms

Payment platforms integration

We provide integration with a series of payment platforms for your online store: PayPal, Stripe, CIC, HiPay, EuPlatesc, OpenPay, Checkout, but we can integrate any other platform you may use. Subject to your sale policy, we can also set recurrent payments.

In order to streamline the flow, we can use various providers:

Correction of mail addresses:


Assessment of default risk


Gathering customers’ opinions and posting them in real time


Trust Pilot

Integration with courier platforms generates delivery reports, automatic AWB numbers and feedback in real time from your customers.
Marketing reports

Real-time reports

OPS offers high performance reporting systems, in order to aggregate multiple sources into easy to comprehend reports – the information your marketing decisions can be based upon.

Compliance with GDPR

Compliance with GDPR rules and data security

OPS has implemented and maintains and Information Security Management System, certified ISO/IEC 27001:2017 (certificate nr. QA-D/RO/27001/0053).

We provide consulting with regard to data protection, according to GDPR rules, and their integration in your business flow and in promotional campaigns.

The steps we follow are in short: audit and inventory of the data your business has, current risk analysis, enforcement of data protection rules and designating a data protection officer to take care constantly of them.

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