Personal data processing policy

Data protection is a priority for the management of our company. It is possible to visit our websites without entering your personal data, but, if you want to order our products or receive our offers, the processing of personal data is required.

This confidentiality policy ("Policy") describes the types of data processed, the manner in which they are used, your options in relation to such processing operations, as well as the manner in which we will observe the rights you have as a data subject, according to the legislation regarding personal data protection, inclusively the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR").

We recommend you read this Policy, in order to understand the manner in which personal data are processed.

The personal data you fill in the forms available on our websites, in the slips you submit to us, or that you provide by phone shall be processed by us, the data controller, S.C. Open Public Service S.R.L. (OPS), in order to be able to perform our trading activity, to inform you of the order evolution and status, as well as for marketing and statistic purposes (statistics and marketing based on your preferences and on your purchase history), in order to select the products or services we present. Thus, you will be able to receive offers that are of more interest to you.

Categories of data processed:

  1. name
  2. gender and date of birth
  3. phone number
  4. address (home/delivery)
  5. email address

Further, the websites of our company collect a series of general data and information, when a data subject or an automated system requests the website so. In this manner, the following may be collected:

  1. the types of browser and versions used
  2. the operating system used by the access system
  3. the website from which an access system reaches our website (so called referral)
  4. date and time of access to the website
  5. the Internet protocol address (IP address)
  6. the internet service provider of the access systems
  7. any other similar data and information used for protecting our information technology systems against attacks.

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

Sending commercial communications, invitations to competitions, questionnaires or surveys

We wish to send you promotional materials, to inform you about new products / services offered by our company, surveys, or to answer questionnaires, and in order to communicate you other similar information we consider of interest to you, inclusively, if you agree, by sending promotional materials and marketing communications regarding our partners’ products.
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(a) - consent)

Organization of competitions and promotions

If you agree, you may participate in the competitions conducted by us and/or our partners..
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(a) - consent)

Analysis of your interaction with our company, in view of providing some customized offers

In certain situations, we may use the information collected from you, in conjunction with the data obtained from our sales and/or marketing teams with regard to your interaction with our company, to be used in the context of our marketing communications. We wish to streamline our marketing activity, providing our customers some relevant and customized products / services.

We may draw up various reports, analyses and statistical studies with regard to the marketing campaigns conducted and their success, the sales / processing activity.
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(f) - legitimate interest)

Performance of the contract signed with us

AWhen you order products / request us to provide you services, we may process certain personal data required for such purposes (last name and first name, delivery / supply address, trading data, etc.).
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(b) – execution and performance of the contract)

Protection of websites against attacks, frauds and other illegal activities

These general data and information are stored in the server log files. When such general data and information are used, OPS does not draw any conclusion with regard to the data subject. Actually, such information is required for:

  1. accurately providing our website content
  2. streamlining our website content, as well as its publicity
  3. procuring long-term viability of our information technology systems
  4. providing law enforcement authorities the information required for criminal prosecution, in the event of some cybernetic attack

Therefore, our company anonymously analyzes statistically the data and information collected, for the purpose of increasing data security and security of the data of our company, and in order to procure the optimal level of protection of personal data we process. The anonymous data in the server log file are stored separately from all the other personal data provided by a data subject
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(f) - legitimate interest)

Fulfillment of some legal obligations

Sometimes, data processing is necessary for fulfilling the legal obligations incumbent on us, such as:

  1. payment of relevant taxes and dues, reporting to relevant tax authorities and keeping some accounts;
  2. data archiving, according to the applicable legislation;
  3. publicizing the names of winners and prizes awarded within the promotional lotteries conducted;
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(c) – fulfillment of a legal obligation)

Defense of rights and interest at law

For establishing, exercising or defending a right at law, within some proceedings before a court, within administrative proceedings or other formal proceedings the Company is involved in.
(legal basis for the processing according to GDPR art. 6(1)(f) – defending the controller’s rights and interests)

Should your consent be the basis for processing your personal data, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, by using the contact data in Section VII.

For example, should you withdraw your consent for marketing purposes, we shall not be able to send you our offers or invitations any longer, or you shall not be able to participate in our promotional lotteries, surveys and questionnaires.

The company shall cease to process Personal Data, notwithstanding, however, other Personal Data processing operations, based on other legal grounds.

We may disclose personal data to :

  1. entities and/or persons that are empowered by us (from Romania or other EU member states), involved in the delivery of orders and of marketing materials;
  2. partners of our company, if you agree, for direct marketing purposes;
  3. should we have the obligation to disclose personal data, for the purpose of fulfilling any legal obligation or decision of a judiciary authority, public authority or governmental body;
  4. should we be requested or allowed otherwise to do this, according to the applicable legislation.

The websites of our company use cookies. Cookies are text files stored in a computer system through a web browser.

Many websites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID, a unique cookie identifier. This is formed of a string of characters by means of which the web pages and servers may be assigned to the web browser the cookie was stored in. This allows visited websites and servers to differentiate the individual browser of the person concerned from other web browsers containing other cookies. A certain web browser may be recognized and identified by using this unique cookie ID.

By using cookies, our company may offer the users of our websites several easy to use services, which would not be possible without setting cookies.

Through a cookie, the information and offers on our website may be optimized, subject to the user. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, recognizing the users of our websites. The purpose of such recognition is to facilitate the use of our websites by the users. For example, the user of the website using cookie modules does not have to enter the login data every time when the website is visited, given that this is taken over by the website from the cookie stored in the user’s computer system. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in the online store. The online store remembers the items a customer put in the virtual shopping cart, by means of a cookie module.

You are able to prevent, at any time, the setting of cookies through the website, by means of a corresponding setting of the web browser used, and you may also definitively refuse the setting of cookies.

Moreover, the cookies already set may be erased at any time, by means of a web browser or other software. This is possible in all the popular web browsers.

If you disable the setting of cookies in the web browser used, not all the functions of our website may be used in full.

In order to use such settings and to understand more exactly the manner in which each web browser may be set, you may use the following links:

We keep personal data for how long is necessary for fulfilling the purposes they were collected for, in compliance with the internal procedures regarding data retention, inclusively the applicable archiving rules.

For example, if you participate in a promotional lottery, we will keep the data for minimum 3 years (the legal limit on the period of time within which action can be taken on a crime) since the finalization of the lottery. Should you order us products, or request us to provide you some service, we may keep the data for the period required for fulfilling the obligations of keeping financial records and accounts.

According to law, you have the following rights as a data subject:

The right of access:

  • you may obtain from us confirmation that we process your personal data, as well as information about the specifics of such processing

The right of correction of data:

  • you can request us to modify your inaccurate personal data or, as the case may be, to complete some incomplete data

The right of erasure:

  • you may request erasure of your personal data when: (i) these are no longer necessary for the purposes we collected and we process them for; (ii) you withdrew your consent to data processing, and we are no longer able to process them on other legal grounds; (iii) the data are processed contrary to the law; respectively, (iv) the data should be erased according to the relevant legislation.

Withdrawal of consent and the right to object:

  • you may withdraw at any time your consent to the data processing based on consent. Further, you may object at any time to the processing for marketing purposes, inclusively to the creation of profiles for such purpose, as well as to the processing based on the legitimate interest of the Company, for reasons related to your specific situation


  • in certain conditions, you may request restricting the processing of your personal data

The right to data portability:

  • to the extent we process data by automated means, you may request us, according to law, to provide your data in a structured, frequently used form, which may be read automatically. Should you request us this, we may transfer your data to another entity, if technically feasible

The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority:

  • • you have the right to file a complaint with the data processing supervisory authority, should you consider that your rights were infringed upon:
    Autoritatea Națională pentru Supravegherea Datelor cu Caracter Personal din România
    B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30 Sector 1, post code 010336 Bucuresti, Romania
    [email protected]

Should you have any questions about this information note, or should you exercise or intend to exercise your rights as provided above, you may contact us, by using the following contact data:

S.C. Open Public Service S.R.L.
Strada Garii Otopeni 3
Phone 021 203 61 61
Email [email protected]

Updated on 7 November 2019

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