Specifications of E-Fulfillment services


This service consists of picking and preparing the components of an order received from the customer. Components mean up to 3 items (*) or products, adding besides, if applicable, the invoice to the order addressee.
 For more than 3 component items, the rate charged is subject to discussion / negotiation with the recipient.
For each order, the addressee’s address is automatically checked and, if applicable, the said address is corrected or completed, according to mail standards.
Invoice printing is covered by the cost of this service, together with the label on the parcel, the delivery note or AWB and the other accompanying documents: protocols, etc.
Further, this service covers also reception of parcels that were refused by the addressees, or with regard to which the addressees returned the product and requested refunds.
In both cases, products are inspected and sorted out, the valid ones being reinserted in the stock, while the damaged / defective ones are delivered to the recipient, for approval of being discarded.


This service covers all the services starting from PARCEL PACKING, but, in addition, other two related services may be set up, according to the recipient’s needs.

The first consists of “Reception of goods”, which is performed by controlling the integrity of products and by checking them against the quantity and assortment mentioned in the delivery document. In the event of missing or damaged products, an identification protocol is drawn up and, if applicable, photos are attached, for identification purposes.

The second service, “Storage of goods” refers, evidently, to storing the pallets of goods. The storage conditions are according to the recipient’s requirements. The relevant rate (**) takes into account the number of pallets, a number that is, in its turn, affected, besides the monthly number of packed parcels, by the size of the relevant products.

In addition to the services aforementioned, each recipient receives for free the “Computer Assistance” and the means required for connection to its database and for transmission (updating) its own orders – intended to be packed.

Further, each recipient has a system of online monitoring of information about its product stock, besides a summarizing table, containing the status of its orders – pending or already shipped. If the recipient agrees, the monitoring system contains also information about the orders already delivered to the addressee, those refused and the ones returned and whose replacement or refund was requested.


This service supplements "PACKING WITH RELATED SERVICES", providing the recipient with the packaging required for its parcels. Due to the large volumes we process, we are able to offer a range of 11 typo-dimensions of high quality packaging. By comparison with the usual price, the price for our packaging is 30% to 50% lower.


This service may supplement any of our packing services.
It consists of calling the persons that placed the orders intended for packing and shipment by us. Following such telephone call, besides confirmation of the order, the potential requests communicated by the addressee of that order are recorded and met. For example: redirecting of address, certain preferences related to delivery intervals, etc.


This service may be added to any of our packing services.
It consists of making a telephone number available to the recipient’s buyers. At that number, our operator advises the relevant customers of the characteristics / functions of products, as well as of the promotions or commercial conditions the recipient provides. Further, customers may submit requests related to the order delivery, or may file complaints about the mode of delivery of the product, or of its operation, inclusively requests to be taught how to use the product.
This service is provided in the form of hours of use per operator, under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 93%.
The number of hours-operator may be established subject to the number of parcels to be packed (an automated algorithm, based on statistic observations), or may be chosen by the recipient – with an impact, however, on SLA.


This service may be set up, if the involvement of an account is required, due to a large number of parcels and, especially, where the complexity and need for flexibility are great.
Ex.: modular products or large products / atypical in size, products requiring special storage, handling or delivery conditions, parcels in whose composition enter also customized offers or promotional products (based on that customer’s history), a business where deliveries are made urgently, or where supplies are made after long periods of being out of stock, etc.
In short, where the usual contact person has to frequently change their daily routine. The account managers we provide have vast experience, have initiative and are proactive, and know how to follow the logic of the recipient or of its customers.

This service is contracted for a number of hours a month. The number of hours is established by the recipient.

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